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Elena is definitely the best Pilates instructor I have ever met (and I can tell you I have shopped around a lot!). With her knowledge, experience, professionalism and enthusiasm she managed to fix my back last year, which was in a very bad state after a prolonged sciatica. If I can still run marathons today (next one after my injury will be in September) is all down to the workout on the reformer we went through together, patiently, session after session for at least 3 months. Final note: her studio is 'fresh', clean, simple, neat, surrounded by a beautiful garden: it is the perfect environment to relax and focus. I highly recommend Elena; you can't go wrong with her, whatever you want to achieve.


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Elena has been a really great Pilates instructor. She has helped me immensely with my posture and I would thoroughly recommend her to anyone. And the sessions were very enjoyable and fun. Niambh xxx

I am having one-2-one sessions with Elena once a week in her lovely studio. Her classes are always great fun and I feel energized and uplifted after each session. She is so knowledgeable about the bod

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